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Virtual Reality Simulators

We create Virtual Reality simulators, Zones of Virtual Reality
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Augmented Reality

We are developing AR projects, AR Apps, content, animation
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VR Zones

We are developing VR Zones from A to Z, including design, multiplayer content, operational software for mass devices etc.
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3D content creation

We create 3D content any level of complicity, starting from the scenario and sketches and finishing with counteract, special FX etc.
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Livestreaming in 360°

We provide Livestreaming in 360° technology up to 8k quality, using only professional hardware.
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Case studies of using 5G technologies and developing tactile devices

Eyedentity360 develops cases using 5G technologies, VR and video 360, and also create software for tactile devices
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Customized projects

We deliver customized project depending on client's needs, developing special hardware, software, automatisation of needed processes etc.
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360° videos

We capture 360° videos, integrating 3D objects in it, voice overs, interactive elements, infographics etc.
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Map shows our offices, representatives or places where you can find our hardware, simulators or VR zones
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Know more about Eyedentity360

Eyedentity360 is a group of companies, that have been successfully executing number of creative, interesting projects in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and others. Companies that use our services are global

leaders in their industry: Warner Bros, Dreamworks, British Telecom, Ericsson, Pepsi co, Sega Republic and others. We provide best quality for the most short timeframe and always looking forward for new possibilities and interesting projects.

Our valued clients and partnersTrusted by World's Leading Brands

We have successfully worked with these respective companies

News and eventsHere you will learn about the latest news and events

VR Park in Dubai Mall is been opened

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Check our VR zone with our Best VR simulators in VR Park Dubai Mall

E360 took part at Gitex technology week 2017, Dubai

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Eyedentity360 in partnership with Ericsson and Etisalat on Gitex 2017

CelebCamera is a hardware consist of 24 cameras

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Perfect solution for events

VR zone in Beirut, Lebanon at B.E.A.S.T.S event

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We are happy to announce that Robocom SAL company has opened a VR zone in Beirut Lebanon was opened and successfully shined at B.E.A.S.T.S event

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